Step 1 → Paste (or press "Control + V") , Drag or Upload the Image File Here (pictures with formats including jpg, png, gif, jpeg, ps and tiff can be processed)

Recommendation: take the screen shot of the structure with at least 150-200% display ratio on a PDF page, or 400% if the structure is still not clear.

Structure Screenshot Picture
【Clear Image】
Step 2 →
How to use
How to use
Demo structure
Demo structure
Molecule of the Week
The pictures to upload can be taken as a screenshot using your computer, pdf snapshot, qq, wechat or other software or tools. Please verify the structure after conversion.
How to save the structure as a mol file?
Click the Save Icon(or press "Control + S")→ Save to File... → Save
How to export the structure to Chemdraw?
Select the Structure (or press "Control + A") →Copy the structure (or press "Control + C")→ Open Chemdraw software → Click 'Edit' in the menu→ Select 'Paste Special" → Select "MOL/CDXML text".